FruGal Fix: Groupon Goods!

You may be a member of Groupon, one of the many daily deal websites that feature services in your area for up to 90% off. If you’re not a member of Groupon yet, it’s very easy to use and can save you tons of money on services you already use like haircuts/color, massages, restaurants, even clothing stores. Go here to sign up.

However, today I don’t have a Groupon deal for you, I have a Groupon Goods deal for you. Groupon Goods is a spinoff of Groupon that sells items like clothes, electronics, make-up, home goods, etc. I want to share with you a few great deals for the 20-something crowd.

Morphe Makeup Brushes: $16


BriteSmile To-Go: $25 for a 3-pack or $45 for a 6-pack (plus an extra $5.95 for shipping)


Crosley Solo Radio/MP3 Player: $49


Chinese Laundry Faith Boots: $39


And my personal favorite, COZ-E Heated Blanket with Sleeves: Only $19!


I’m not going to lie, I love a good Snuggie. And this one is heated! For only $19, you know what to get me for Christmas 😉

What are your favorite websites for getting your FruGal fix? Comment below!


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The start of something new.

Sometimes all it takes is a little encouragement. I have been hemming and hawing over starting this blog for months now. I couldn’t find the right name, the right host, the right focus… And then finally, today was the day. I was chatting with my good friend Lauren and she encouraged me to claim a domain name before all the good ones were taken. So I did, and here I am!

What I want accomplish with this blog:

  • Give examples from my own life to help others live frugally
  • Give ideas from other sources of great ways to get more for less
  • Have open discussions to exchange ideas about living large on a small budget
  • Posts will include daily deals, money saving tips, do it yourself tutorials, saving money in the kitchen and more.
I am so excited to get started and help you save money, live large and have fun doing it! 

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